When organising a vacation to Disneyland, many details are overlooked. Also, "Can I carry food inside Disneyland?" and similar queries are common. My Disneyland packing list and checklist focused on the minor details to ensure you don't forget anything important when visiting the park.

Can you carry anything inside the park?

How should you pack for Disneyland?                      

What else should you take to Disneyland?

This Disneyland packing list has everything you'll need for an enjoyable vacation.

Good Bag

For a day at the park, you'll want a solid handbag or backpack to keep your belongings safe. The drawstring bag's shoulder straps may bother your body as the day progresses. A medium-sized backpack is ideal for storing all of your possessions. Avoid bringing a bag that is too large so that you can walk around the most demanding attractions with it firmly between your feet. Some individuals wear fanny packs as a fashion statement.


The choice is yours: will you utilise your phone's camera or carry a second one to the park? You'll want to test the camera before putting it in your backpack for the trip to Disney World. On a recent trip, one of our cameras took 20 images instead of just one at random, and we had no clue why this was happening. A camera's flash may be turned off by following the instructions that came with it. If you plan to take photographs at an amusement park, switch off your flash and focus light.

Batteries for Electronic Devices

To avoid running out of power, you should avoid spending too much time away from the room. Your day at Disneyland will allow you to utilise the Disneyland application for many different things. It has a negative impact on battery life. We've gone through many batteries in the parks, and we've used a lot of them.

Don’t forget to bring a pain reliever.

It's a good idea to stock up on Advil or another pain reliever after a long day of driving. However, even though no one requires them, we use them in our Disneyland checklist. When visiting Disney World's California Adventure Park, pack some extra tissues just in case.

Power Strip

If you're travelling with a big family, pack a power supply. Despite the fact that every hotel room I stay in has fewer outlets than I use, I always carry an additional set of plugs with me. If everyone is charging their phone and a second battery pack simultaneously, the number of plugs required rapidly escalates.

Autograph Book

Kids will enjoy collecting signatures in a book they bring with them. Use a strong pen to sign the actors' autographs to improve clarity.

Using Cash or a Credit Card

There seem to be ATMs across the Disneyland Resort where you can get cash, but you won't need it for anything because you already have a credit or debit card. If you paid with a credit card to stay at a Disneyland Resort hotel, you might use that card to make purchases on the website.

Travel Documents

Passengers' passports, such as their plane tickets, Disneyland tickets (if applicable), and driver's licence (if applicable), should be kept in a safe place if they are lost or stolen. As I outlined in our guide to Disneyland souvenirs, many goods may be purchased during a visit to the theme park.

Check your luggage to make sure you can carry everything back.

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